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Unlike the rest of Corfu, the area of Lefkimmi is not mountainous, but has low hills with olive and citrus trees and vineyards with well known local wine. Lefkimmi has many villages and some well organised tourist resorts, with sandy beaches. Agios Georgios in Argyrades and Kavos are big tourists resorts and are very popular in the summer season. Marathias, Malta or Santa Barbara, Gardeno and Bouka are smaller, family friendly resorts and are more popular among the locals.

The town of Lefkimmi has 5000 permanent residents, and has many neighborhoods, such as Riglades, Anaplades, Agii Theodoroi, Potami (river) and Melikia.

The neighborhood of Potami is crossed by a river, where the fishermen tie up their boats, and is characterized by a bridge joining the two sides. It is a place that has kept the customs of the past, and you often see women riding a donkey, and others carrying water on their head. Following the picturesque road next to the river, you will find the sandy beach of Bouka, 1.5 km away. Its shallow, clear and warm waters make it an ideal beach for children.

In the wider area of Lefkimmi there is also the lake Korissia, which is connected with the sea via a narrow channel. The old monastery of Arkoudilas is located near Kavos. Lefkimmi has a port serving a lot of people and is connected to the port of Igoumenitsa. In Lefkimmi there are salt pans with very good quality salt. Near Lefkimmi you will also find the fishing village of Boukari, and the mountainous traditional village of Chlomos.